Hannah & Ste Bossing New Zealand


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  1. Never Felt So Far From Home

    by Ste

    Soppy shit generally isn’t my thing. But today, I make an exception. In the 7 months since I left the UK, my Nan was diagnosed, began to weaken and then suffered rapid deterioration before finally passing yesterday evening. Cancer can be so, so cruel. It’s something that you rarely consider when you think about travelling, […]

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  2. The Inevitable Homesickness When Travelling

    by Hannah

    May and September – the months of homesickness! Whilst it’s all exciting packing up your stuff and heading off to a new country, it’s only natural to miss the surroundings and comforts of home life, from the place you used to live to friends and family! May – Back to Reality May was the month […]


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